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CLIENT: Barchart, a market data technology firm

PROJECT: Program deck for FinTech Exchange, an annual fintancial technology conference based in Chicago and focused on financial markets and trading

SERVICES: Concept, research, content, design, final production

In addition to collaborating on the planning and launch of this event, and providing the visual identity, website, and marketing, I was able to call my own experience presenting at conferences and working on trade events (and local theater productions) to create program decks and videos for FinTech Exchange.

A pre-show trivia deck required design, research and content (statistics, trends, quotes, and other interesting facts); the main program deck required pulling in all the speaker decks and adding intro slides, transitions, animations, videos and emcee slides.

Keynote presenters for this conference have included Google, Amazon, IBM and Tableau, as well as established financial companies, clearinghouses, and exchanges. The program has expanded each year and continues to sell out.