Problem-Framing Workshops & Sprints

problem-framing workshops for B2B and nonprofits

Develop and test possible solutions more quickly.

There's a reason companies like Google and Cisco are using Design Sprints to innovate quickly and get more done (in a couple of weeks, not months).

A full four-day Design Sprint is perfect for new products, major projects, or making a choice at a fork in the road. Problem-Framing Workshops, Event Retrospectives and Brand Sprints are shorter, more focused sessions of 3 hours or less.

The activities are fast paced and collaborative, so your team can quickly identify current problems or opportunities, prioritize options, build a test solution, and get it in front of users for feedback.

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If there's a challenge that has big impact or is time sensitive or if your team feels 'stuck', a Sprint or Workshop can help move you forward.
Watch: When should you do a Design Sprint?

When should you do a Design Sprint for your organization?
Jonathan Courtney from AJ&Smart, the top firm in the world offering Design Sprints, tells you.

I learned from the best! I completed Master Class training with AJ&Smart and Jake Knapp, the creator of Google Design Sprints. I also bring my years of design and development, as well as my consulting and teaching skills.
Variations to the four-day Sprint include a 60-90 mins Problem-Framing Workshop or Project/Event Retrospective, or a three-hour Brand/Strategy Sprint.

Another Option: The Lightning Decision Jam!

  • Up to 8 people (across teams ideally)
  • One (broad topic) problem*
  • 60-90 minutes
[Plus a whiteboard and l-o-t-s of post-its.] Result? Team comaraderie, collecting good ideas, targeting one, prioritizing (voting) on possible solutions. Identifying next actionable steps (that can be done within 14 days). #FeelingMomentum * Challenges to tackle might be ideas for: the next sales push, keeping up with new competitors, improving your office space (or an internal process), improving conversion rates from your website, etc.